Where the line of privacy in our life(s) exist(s) today?

In-between Privacy is a project developed in accordance to the experiences being faced by the socio-cultural societies due to current arising crises of Corona Virus. It fosters the cultural scene by emphasizing on the interconnectedness of the society & addressing the visibly rising importance of the bodily interactions. It takes social interactions at different levels with the audience & within the artists from various medias. It aims at developing a new language of understanding privacy (physical & digital) of the individual as it is an integral part of being a diverse-cultural society.

It is an initiation from *Jaskaran Anand*, in cooperation with *Stefan Fuchs* where he aims to focus on the arising fact that there is no separation of “me”, there is a collective “I”. It manifests an interdisciplinary series of performances that includes live streamed interactive performances /episodes, video-sound work, performative exhibition format, talks/discussions (online & offline) which focuses on the very nature of the human body: its geo-political.

It further manifests the software developed on the platform (lilimit) to be accessible for every artist/culture institution who would need it and spreads awareness about the digital.self and its ownership, copyrights & the regulations implemented by the DSVGO.

It also adheres to the concept of “True.Self” & “False.Self", where the true.self, as Avataar, can also be hypothesized as the copy of the digital content that is unknown to an individual.

The project hypothesizes' “How much an individual is conscious about it's self.desires' , is dependent on the awareness the individual has about it's own.(extended).self.”