Quantasized States
live -streamed & live produced audio-visual performance showing 
11th September 2020
1700h- 1745h

Starting with a ritual, the audience.self embarks on a 36 minutes self.journey of 4 human bodies who are expressing the feeling of a collective.self through their own artistic expression.

- perceiving the same matter from different physical environments
- networked via body-oriented meditative ritual & electricity running through various technological bodies
- interacting with the help of  different interfaces & live digital media tools

also projected at the Strafsachengallery, KunstUniversität Linz under Agora Digitalis Address:  Hauptplatz 5-6, 4020 Linz 
please register at kupfticket.at


Artistic Direction: Jaskaran Anand
Technical Direction: Stefan Fuchs
Pthe first circle of collective.self: on 11th September 2020:  Fatima El Kosht, Richard Geiblinger, Jaskaran Anand and Stefan Fuchs

Streamed on lilimit.com

Special thanks to the team of Interface Cultures Department ,Art University Linz and ARS Electronica Festival