In-between Privacy Vol. 2
An interactive online performance-showing
10th September 2020
1730h - 1815h

a dance performer & a DJ are  performing live from their bedroom/kitchen

the audience members can participate & interact via video conferencing tool to exchange ideas of home & private spaces by providing audio-visual inputs

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also projected at the Strafsachengallery, KunstUniversität Linz under Agora Digitalis
Address:  Hauptplatz 5-6, 4020 Linz 
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Artistic Direction: Jaskaran Anand
Technical Direction: Stefan Fuchs
Performers for In-between Privacy Vol. 2: Participating audience members, ANNA NANA, Jaskaran Anand and Stefan Fuchs

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Special thanks to the team of Interface Cultures Department ,Art University Linz and ARS Electronica Festival